August 11, 2008

The Ark Addendum

> — Cocopjojo @ 1:23 am

Download the single-player Legendary saved film:

File Share (slot 7) (48:22 in length)

Gameplay Tips

This level is long.  But it is, in my opinion, one of the funnest first-person-shooter levels ever designed and created.  With a blend of pedestrian and vehicle combat, the dynamics of the level provide an experience that does not get tiring, despite it often taking almost an hour to complete.  One of the most compelling aspects of this level is its ability to remain enjoyable, even after experiencing multiple deaths in the same location.  With the majority of the level taking place outside, and in wide-open spaces, each encounter has multiple ways to approach it; if one of your approaches isn’t working, simply try it from a different angle.  The only advice I can really give regarding this level as a whole is: have fun with it – because this level is a blast.

“I’ve Got a Good Angle…”

  • You start out with a ton of sniper ammo, but you’ll still need to shoot conservatively – on Legendary, the Brutes can take a lot of hits before dying, if you miss the headshot (which I often do).  Once their armour is knocked off, I typically switch to my BR for the headshot.  No need to waste a sniper bullet when a BR can do the job.
  • Take your time with the first Brute; he’s practically begging for it, sticking his neck out like that.
  • Once the fighting starts, watch your right – Grunts and Brutes will flank you and move up to your location, often times without making much noise.  After all of the Brutes are dead, the Grunts will start racing up the ridge with armed plasma grenades.
  • Use the cover to your advantage.  When your shields are low, fall behind a rock and wait it out till they’re recharged.
  • There’s sniper ammo at the top of the ridge that you’re on and near the cave that you’ll exit this area from.  BR ammo, too.

“That Thing’ll Tear the Dawn Apart”

  • I usually take out the Jackal on the AA battery, first.  Just because he’s the most annoying one.
  • This is why you needed to conserve your sniper ammo… there are a lot of Brutes here.
  • Once all of the enemies have been cleared out, a Phantom will drop off two Hunters.  But before you engage them, check and make sure that the two hidden Jackals on top of the AA platform have been killed… these guys will often stay hidden and wait to attack you as you move around to fight the Hunters.
  • Hunters are tough because they can take a ton of hits… I usually strafe around the area, collecting Brute Shots and grenades and just laying into each Hunter until he’s dead.  If you run out of Brute Shot ammo, the Carbine/BR seems to be the next best thing.
  • The Grunts coming down the ridge up top are begging to be headshotted with a BR… all lined up like that.  What were they thinking?

I Wonder If It’s the Same Pilot?

  • There are two groups of enemies in the downed Pelican area; sometimes it’s hard to see the second group.  If you have sniper ammo left over, this should be a cinch.
  • The second group will start to move up on the left if you don’t take them out from afar; don’t let them flank you while you’re fighting someone else.
  • As soon as you take out the second group, walk over the Brutes’ bodies and hopefully you’ll pick up a Bubble Shield.  Then, move down toward the back of the Pelican to grab the rockets.  Two Prowlers are about to come flying over the ridge toward you, and their turrets can down you in no time.
  • I have the most fun by deploying the Bubble as soon as I see the first Prowler, and then sticking my head out just long enough to rocket it.  Sometimes it takes two rockets for each Prowler.  Or, after the first rocket, you can BR/Carbine the remaining Brutes, so you can use the Prowler for yourself.
  • Getting a rocket Marine to ride brokeback on a Mongoose is fun, but you’ll typically die in the next area, being so exposed.  If you really want to stay alive, then put a rocket Marine on the side of a Prowler, and take that.

Ramblin’ Man

  • Keep moving.  And stay behind any Chopper that you’re attacking – don’t give him a chance to turn his vehicle around and shoot you.
  • Use the two cave/covered areas by the ridge that you jumped over.  If you start taking too much fire, fall into one of those sheltered areas to let your shields recover.
  • Stay away from the guys on the rocks up ahead until you’ve taken out all of the vehicles.
  • Take a Chopper if you’re bored; I usually don’t stick with the Prowler for too long myself.
  • There’s more rocket ammo, as well as a BR and two grenades,  up ahead by the downed fighter jet.
  • Also, just ahead of that area, to the right, there’s a Warthog, if you’d prefer that (you will – trust me), as well as a sniper and AR.  I would advise trading out your BR for the AR.  Just kidding.
  • There’s a small encampment of enemies just ahead; but they’re on foot, and you’re in a vehicle, so they lose.


  • Look out for the two Choppers that drop down from the bridge above.  I’d advise staying as far away from the enemies barricaded in at the top of the hill, while you’re battling these Choppers.  It’s no fun getting hit in the back with a Fuel Rod Gun while you’re concentrating on something else.
  • From my experience, only one or two Grunts have Fuel Rod Gun, so if you trust your Marine gunner, you can drive towards them on your vehicle.  Otherwise, I’d get off and snipe him with the sniper rifle that you picked up earlier.
  • I would vehemently suggest giving a passenger Marine the Fuel Rod Gun; they have unlimited ammo while holding them, as I’m sure you’re aware of, and they can do some serious damage.

On the Road Again

  • If, for whatever reason, you don’t want (or have) any vehicle, you can grab a spare Chopper that’s resting near the entrance/exit of the area you were just in.
  • Watch the two Ghosts that come up when you’re underneath the bridge.
  • I’m just going to assume that you took my advice and put a Marine with a Fuel Rod Gun in your passenger seat, since it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever… in the next area, be sure to angle him towards enemies, while keeping your angles open to back down the hill in case the Brute with the Fuel Rod Gun starts getting close to hitting you.  Your Marine will usually aim for the Ghosts first, so they usually don’t pose a problem.  It’s typically just that Brute that is a threat.
  • Collect up a second Fuel Rod Gun if you want, as well as any grenades that you may need.  Grab a Chopper or Ghost if you want (if they’re intact), but this next area is just way too much fun on a ‘hog with a Marine FRG passenger.

AA Wraiths

  • I usually go for the encampment to right left; if you swing around on their left, then it puts your FRG Marine at the perfect angle to obliterate them; which he usually does. Take a second pass if needed – just keep moving so that you don’t get hit by the Brute Shots or the Wraith nearby
  • Reverse your path so that your Marine has an angle on the Wraith and turret Grunt. If you’ve lost your ‘hog, this part can be tricky, especially because of the Ghosts, so in all honesty, I’d suggest just keeping your ‘hog and FRG Marine alive, since he can take out all of these vehicles with ease.
  • For the AA Wraith section, the key is to not let them notice you until the rest of their cohorts are dead. The Grunt on the left has a FRG, so you’ll need to watch out for that. The trick to driving a FRG Marine ‘hog is positioning – keep him in a position to fire on the enemy, while still keeping a backdoor open for you to retreat into for cover. My biggest strategy involves driving forward, letting him shoot, and then backing up when I start getting fired upon

“Tank Beats Everything!”

  • This section is awesome. Grab a tank and blast everything in your path. The key is to not miss (duh). The enemies usually approach in just the right positions so that you have time to take out each one without getting hit too bad, as long as you don’t miss. But, even if you do miss, it doesn’t matter too much, since you’re in a bloody tank.
  • Take out the Phantom! Aim for the white turbine-type areas on its front. A few hits on those and it’s toast. Be sure to take out any enemies that survived underneath it.
  • Back underneath the bridge, you do need to be careful. Lots of Ghosts will come at you, and there’s a Wraith that can do some damage, too. Just keep firing and try not to miss.
  • Take out the barricaded enemies on the hill above before you get too close; some of them have FRGs.

Basin Revisited

  • Sniping with the tank. Take out the Wraiths, if you can, before you get close to them. Watch the Choppers on the floor below.
  • The bridge shouldn’t be too hard… just keep your distance and watch our for enemies with FRGs.
  • When you reach the end of the bridge, look out for the turret on the left. It is a bit hidden from view until you’re right in front of it.

“Heads Up, Marines: We Got Trouble”

  • That was pretty lengthy lull in violence just there… well, we’re about to make up for it. This encounter is crazy, and it can be difficult. I’d suggest grabbing the Gauss ‘hog that the Marine brings you, and getting him on the gunner seat as quickly as possible – the Ghosts that chased him up the pathway will almost always come back for more.
  • Drop down the ridge to your left and grab a tank. The key here is keeping your distance from the Wraiths, and making sure that no other enemies have a line-of-sight on you. Just pound everything you see, and move forward when you can. Use the rocks for cover so that you can take on as few enemies at a time as possible.
  • When the Scarab returns, things get ugly. It has two weapons and both of them can take out your tank with ease. First things first, you need to take out the Grunts with the FRG in the center structure. Secondly, push forward toward the Scarab – keep moving and you can sometimes outrun its fire. Keep firing on its legs, because by the time you reach it, two Choppers will have dropped down and you’ll need to take care of them before they destroy you (which they will do in no time). Ideally, you take out the Grunts, and you bring down the Scarab right as the Choppers drop down. This doesn’t always happen, though, and you’ll often have to improvise. Ditch the tank if you want and use the FRGs to attack the Scarab’s legs from the center structure. Or take the spare Chopper resting inside that same area – although you’ll have the same problem as you did with the tank – the other Choppers – you will also have much greater maneuverability and can therefore stay underneath the Scarab, avoiding its fire and allowing you concentrate on the Choppers when they keep arriving. If you still have the tank when the Scarab is downed, get behind it and give yourself an angle at the core. Otherwise, just board the Scarab and take it out from the inside. Brutes up close tend to hesitate in their attacks, so clearing the Scarab of enemies shouldn’t be too hard.

The Spire

  • The main things to watch out for while moving up the ramp to the Map Room are the long-distance Carbine Jackals. If you’ve got a BR or Carbine yourself, they shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. The Brutes are typically easy to take out, and the Brute Stalkers are wimps as long as you catch them first.
  • Load up on grenades here; also, check the Stalkers’ dead bodies – sometimes they’ll drop a cloaking device.

The Map Room

  • If you play your cards right in this first room, you can take out everyone without ever firing a shot. Assassinate the Brute quickly enough and your Marines shouldn’t fire. Then you can take out the Grunts with ease.
  • The next room is mostly Grunts, and you have the higher ground. Just take out the Brute first. There’s also an abundance of plasma grenades throughout the interior of this level, so you’ll have plenty of firepower.
  • The next room can be a bit difficult. There’s a Brute at the doorway when you reach the room; stick him. Move inside to one of the hallways on the left. Grenades work well in here because of the tight spaces. Just move between cover and throw grenades. As always, don’t be afraid hold position or fall back to let your shields recharge.

The Perilous Pelican Pick-up

  • As soon as the Cartographer cutscene ends, make a break for the door. Typically, the Phantom won’t fire on you.
  • Back inside, things are much like they were before, except that Brutes now have Maulers. The first room also contains a Chieftain with a plasma turret. Grab up a Brute Shot and he shouldn’t be a problem. Be sure to get a Mauler before you leave this area.
  • The next room is pretty simple – take out the Stalkers if you want, otherwise just head straight across and down to the exit. Watch out for the two Jackals in the hallway.
  • Alright, as long as you don’t attack the Brutes, the Chieftain will fight you on his own. By this time you should have plenty of grenades. Fire grenades work best, but be sure to let them burn out before throwing the next – the Chieftain will use his invulnerability device if he’s about to die, so you could end up wasting a grenade. Once he deploys that, run. And jump. When it’s used up, just hop around and shoot him with your Mauler. Every once in a while, he’ll get a near-hit with his hammer and throw you up in the air, which is fun.
  • As soon as he’s dead, turn your attention immediately to his Brute pack. You have a chance to stick a few of them before they arm themselves and fly above you with their jet packs. I can usually kill at least three before they ever fire off a shot. If the rest are giving you problems, move up into the covered area on the left, so you’ll force them to come in close, where you can use your Mauler.
  • One final thing – after the Brutes are dead, you’ll need to take out the two Jackals on the far side. They have Carbines and it is extremely frustrating if they kill you because your shields are low and you thought you were safe.

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  1. i got a tip with those 2 hunters somewhere at the start it’s very usefull to use those turrets to kill them just kill all enemies then if the hunters are coming go back get you turret from the gravity tower and kill them very easy costs no ammo of your own weapons and it’s very easy even a n00b can do it but sometimes you don’t have enough but then the hunters are almost dead then

    note: my Gamertag is De Meesterchef

    Comment by De Meesterchef — August 19, 2008 @ 9:57 am

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